Musical Season “In Concerto” 2012

It reaches the ninth edition the musical review “In concert”, the demonstration organized with the Patronage of the Commune of St. Giovanni Rotondo under teacher Luciano Pompilio’s artistic direction. An important appointment that positions the review among the more meaningful cultural events of the local panorama.
The concerts develop in the splendid frame of the auditorium “Maria Pyle” of the church of St. Pious to free entry. The demonstration has been being by now for years a point of reference for the impassioned ones of the international classical music of high-level that assembles with great city results of the outskirtses and tourists in visit to the city of St. Giovanni Rotondo and neighboring zones.
Start Sunday 6 May at 20.30 o’clock with the Ensemble of arcs Meridies.

The other appointments: Sunday 13 May with the Duo Cuenca (Manuel Cuenca to the plan; Francisco Cuenca to the guitar). it will continue Sunday 17 June with an exhibition of song and plan of Boris Krjalevic and Sung Hee Park. After the summer break he takes back Sunday 16 September with a concert of harp of David Burani. You still continues on September 30 with Enzo Filippetti to the sax and Massimo Felici to the guitar; on October 7 with Ann Ferrer to the plan and Gernot Winhishofer to the violin and to conclude Sunday 14 October there will be the exhibition to the piano of Bertrand Giraux.
“Also this year we have undoubtedly prepared a program of everything respect, – has declared the Teacher Luciano Pompilio – although the period that we are crossing is not of the best. We have succeeded in increasing the number of the concerts to eight, inviting artists of undisputed value coming from every part of the world, and for this I have to say thanks to Town administration and Bcc of St. Giovanni Rotondo that, as every year, they sustain the initiative with renewed trust; thanks for the kind collaboration of the monks cappuccini for the use of the Auditorium of the Church of St. Pious, and athanks also to the sponsors that, with their generous contribution, they make possible musical choices of high-level.”

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